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Music School Admission – How to Get into Music School

Resume Building

In addition to the regular admissions application, most college and conservatory programs require a supplemental application and recommendations - and the all-important performance resume. There are four crucial areas to concentrate on in building an impressive conservatory application - great teachers, extra-curricular ensembles or theater productions, masterclasses and summer workshops, and record keeping. But it's not just about resumes.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, harpsichord, violin, music composition

Getreidegasse 9, Salzburg

Music Education:

  • Salzburg High School music department under director Heinz Baton, est. graduation June 1774
  • Private keyboard and violin instruction with Leopold Mozart, 1760-present
  • Master classes with Joseph Haydn, 1770-present
  • Mozart Family Trio, with Nannerl and Leopold Mozart. Compositions by Wolfgang and Leopold Mozart in Salzburg and the royal courts of Europe, 1762-present.
  • Accademia Filarmonica, Bologna, Italy. Works by G. Martini, 1769-present
  • Salzburg High orchestra, Heinz Baton, music director. Performances of “Shenandoah” and “Shaker Song” by Weplaythis Everyear, 1770-1774
  • Court musician, Salzburg, 1773
Summer Camps and Festivals:
  • Salzburg Music Camp, 1771
  • Harpischord Fest, 1772
  • Salzburg Idol runner-up, 1766
  • Billboard Classical Top 100, annually 1766-present
  • Der Grammy Award 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773

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