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  • facile: easily, without fuss
  • fall: jazz term describing a note of definite pitch sliding downwards to another note of definite pitch.
  • falsetto: vocal register above the normal voice
  • fermata: finished, closed; i.e., a rest or note is to be held for a duration that is at the discretion of the performer or conductor (sometimes called bird's eye); a fermata at the end of a first or intermediate movement or section is usually moderately prolonged, but the final fermata of a symphony may be prolonged for twice its printed length or more for dramatic effect.
  • feroce: ferociously
  • feurig (Ger): fiery
  • festivamente: cheerfully, celebratory
  • fieramente: proudly
  • fill (English): a jazz or rock term which instructs performers to improvise a scalar passage or riff to "fill in" the brief time between lyrical phrases, the lines of melody, or between two sections
  • fine: the end, often in phrases like al fine (to the end)
  • flat: a symbol () that lowers the pitch of a note by a semitone. The term may also be used as an adjective to describe a situation where a singer or musician is performing a note in which the intonation is an eighth or a quarter of a semitone too low.
  • flebile: mournfully
  • focoso or fuocoso: fiery; i.e., passionately
  • forte or f (usually): strong; i.e., to be played or sung loudly
  • fortepiano or fp (usually): strong-gentle; i.e., 1. loud, then immediately soft (see dynamics), or 2. an early pianoforte
  • fortissimo or ff: very loud (see note at pianissimo in this list)
  • fortississimo or fff: as loud as possible
  • forza : musical force
  • forzando or fz: see sforzando in this list
  • freddo: cold(ly); hence depressive, unemotional
  • fresco: freshly
  • fröhlich: lively, joyfully
  • fugue (Fr), fuga (Latin and Italian): literally "flight"; hence a complex and highly regimented contrapuntal form in music. A short theme (the subject) is introduced in one voice (or part) alone, then in others, with imitation and characteristic development as the piece progresses.
  • funebre: funeral; often seen as marcia funebre (funeral march), indicating a stately and plodding tempo.
  • fuoco: fire; con fuoco means with fire
  • furia: fury
  • furioso: furiously
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